Convert pre-trained model to synpkg for NDP120

Using Tensor Flow Lite, I have prepared a custom pre-trained model (model.tflite). How can I run it on NDP120 by preparing a corresponding synpkg?
I am using Arduino Nicla Voice board. I have checked Edge Impulse, it allows to import the tflite model but in the deployment page, there is no option for deploying for Arduino Nicla Voice.

My understanding so far is all I need to covert the tflite to synpkg format using some tool. Where can I get the tool?

Hi @hasan , At this moment we don’t have the tool to convert tflite model to synpkg.
I will definitely let you know whenever it is available.

Meanwhile I can help you to create a completely new model that can run on Nicla voice using Edge Impulse.
Let me know if it works for you, I will be happy to help.