I2C example code for Syntiant TinyML board?

@AviAIML or @AtulAIML , do you have sample code to read I2C from a device? I saw in the documentation that there is an I2C bus on the TinyML board. Thanks!

cc @rajmund in case the other handle is inactive.

Hi Justin

We do not have any sample code. Since this is based on MKR Zero series of Arduino board, you can try MKR Zero series I2C code.

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OK, I did some digging. The I2C pins for the MKR Zero are D11/PA08 (SDA) and D12/PA09 (SCL). Per the TinyML schematic, it looks like the GPIO pins are PA02 (analog), PA21, PA20, PA23, and PA22. Pinout for MKR Zero is here.

Any suggestions on how to access pins PA08 and PA09 on the TinyML board for I2C?