Modify Synpkg Firmware

Hey everyone,
I created a ML model and uploaded it to my Nicla Voice.
I want to trigger an event based on the detection of some sound patterns, but that means I need somehow to modify the Firmware I got from Edge Impulse.
I do not know how I can modify a Syntiant firmware (view source code files, create modules inside and recompile it back to a firmware image)

Would appreciate your help,
thanks !

Hi @dan.sha
I’d be glad to help you with modifying the Nicla Voice firmware to trigger events based on sound pattern detection.
Here’s a breakdown of the process, considering that you have collected audio data and used Edge Impulse to generate synpkg.
After you load the synpkg in Nicla Voice, kindly follow the given steps.

  • Launch Arduino IDE
  • Select Arduino Nicla Voice in the Board Manager
  • Go to File->Examples->NDP->AlexaDemo
    Make necessary changes according to your requirement in AlexaDemo Code.
    On board RGB Led can be used to showcase events on detection of sound pattern.

Let me know if you find any difficulty, I would be happy to assist further.
Thank you.