Tinyml board usb devices

I bought the TinyML board and am having trouble seeing the Audio and Serial USB interfaces.

I plug the board in and expect to see the devices show up in Device Manager. They don’t
I am using Windows 11 vs 10 . Is this a possible source of the problem ?

Otherwise the board seems Ok : the LEDs come on as expected and the default keywords make
the blue LED turn on.

The USB cable you are using is not 'fully loaded '. It is very likely to be a ‘charge cable’ only. This means that you have only the ground and Vbus (power) conductors present inside the cable. This allows for the factory demo to work.

You require a fully loaded version of the cable with D+/D- conductors as well as the above. Purchase a real branded USB cable like CUI or another and test again. Keep the cable short as possible but recommend a true USB 2.0 high speed and certified cable. Otherwise, the cable impedance can be off and you may further have enumeration complications with the kit.

Check your local Amazon listings for options.

Hello @merlin , Any Type-B USB Cable that is used for data transfer between phone and pc/laptop can be used as suggested by @Mon2.
I would suggest to try one and reach out if still it doesn’t work.

gr8 ! thanks everyone. That solves my problem .